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Volatile chemicals from leaf litter are associated with invasiveness of a Neotropical weed in Asia [期刊论文]Inderjit; Heather Evans; Christoph Crocoll; Devika Bajpai; Rajwant Kaur, et al.2011
Novel weapons and invasion: biogeographic differences in the competitive effects of Centaurea maculosa and its root exudate (+/-)-catechin [期刊论文]He, WM; Feng, YL; Ridenour, WM; Thelen, GC; Pollock, JL, et al.2009
No evidence for trade-offs: Centaurea plants from America are better competitors and defenders [期刊论文]Wendy M. Ridenour; Jorge M. Vivanco; Yulong Feng; Jun-ichiro Horiuchi; Ragan M. Callaway2008
发育时期对紫茎泽兰化感作用的影响 [期刊论文]韩利红; 冯玉龙2007
Addition of activated charcoal to soil after clearing Ageratina adenophora stimulates growth of forbs and grasses in China [期刊论文]Tian, YH; Feng, YL*; Liu, C2007
人工群落中苗期紫茎泽兰的化感作用和对光环境的适应 [期刊论文]王俊峰; 冯玉龙2006
紫茎泽兰叶片化感作用对10 种草本植物种子萌发和幼苗生长的影响 [期刊论文]郑 丽; 冯玉龙2005
入侵植物的生理生态特性对碳积累的影响 [期刊论文]郑丽; 冯玉龙2005



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