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Yield and resource use efficiency of Plukenetia volubilis plants at two distinct growth stages as affected by irrigation and fertilization [期刊论文]Gong, He-De; Geng, Yan-Jing; Yang, Chun; Jiao, Dong-Ying; Chen, Liang, et al.2018
Land-use type strongly shapes community composition, but not always diversity of soil microbes in tropical China [期刊论文]Cai, Zhi-quan; Zhang, Yong-hong; Yang, Chun; Wang, Shu2018
Effects of fertilization on the growth, photosynthesis, and biomass accumulation in juvenile plants of three coffee (Coffea arabica L.) cultivars [期刊论文]Zhang, Z. X.; Cai, Z. Q.; Liu, G. Z.; Wang, H.; Huang, L., et al.2017
基于SSR 分子标记的滇重楼遗传多样性研究 [期刊论文]陈中苏直; 田波; 蔡传涛2017
Dry-season deficit irrigation increases agricultural water use efficiency at the expense of yield and agronomic nutrient use efficiency of Sacha Inchi plants in a tropical humid monsoon area [期刊论文]Geng, YJ; Chen, L; Yang, C; Jiao, DY; Zhang, YH, et al.2017
不同海拔高度对星油藤叶片特性、植株生长及种子成分的影响 [期刊论文]焦冬英; 杨春; 蔡传涛; 蔡志全2016
分根区灌溉和氮肥处理对星油藤幼苗的影响(英文) [期刊论文]耿艳菁; 蔡传涛; 蔡志全2016
Vegetative and Reproductive Growth and Yield of Plukenetia volubilis Plants in Responses to Foliar Application of Plant Growth Regulators [期刊论文]Yang, C.; Jiao, D. Y.; Cai, Z. Q.; Gong, H. D.; Li, G. Y.2016
有机肥对半夏生长及产量的影响 [期刊论文]马超男; 蔡传涛; 刘贵周; 金漫2016
怒江峡谷地区草果经济产量与品质对环境因子和栽培措施的响应 [期刊论文]金漫; 蔡传涛; 刘贵周; 马超男2016

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