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Alien plant invasions of protected areas in Java, Indonesia [期刊论文]Padmanaba, Michael; Tomlinson, Kyle W.; Hughes, Alice C.; Corlett, Richard T.2017
The Impacts of Droughts in Tropical Forests [期刊论文]Corlett, Richard T.2016
Increasing geographic diversity in the international conservation literature: A stalled process? [期刊论文]Mammides, Christos; Goodale, Uromi M.; Corlett, Richard T.2016
Chloroplast genome structure in Ilex (Aquifoliaceae) [期刊论文]Yao, Xin; Tan, Yun-Hong; Liu, Ying-Ying; ...; Corlett, Richard T.2016
Complete chloroplast genome sequence of the avocado: gene organization, comparative analysis, and phylogenetic relationships with other Lauraceae [期刊论文]Song, Yu; Yao, Xin; Tan, Yunhong; Gan, Yi; Corlett, Richard T.2016
Seasonal and diurnal patterns of activity in honeybees (Apis spp.) on the northern edge of the Asian tropics; their implications for the climate-change resilience of pollination [期刊论文]Cui, Qinglan; Corlett, Richard T.2016
The complete chloroplast genome sequence of Helwingia himalaica (Helwingiaceae, Aquifoliales) and a chloroplast phylogenomic analysis of the Campanulidae [期刊论文]Yao, Xin; Liu, Ying-Ying; Tan, Yun-Hong; Song, Yu; Corlett, Richard T.2016
Winners and losers among tree species in Xishuangbanna: which traits are most important? [期刊论文]Zhao, Meiling; Pan, Bo; Tan, Yunhong; Corlett, Richard T.2015
Comparative analysis of complete chloroplast genome sequences of two tropical trees Machilus yunnanensis and Machilus balansae in the family Lauraceae [期刊论文]Song, Yu; Dong, Wenpan; Liu, Bing; Xu, Chao; Yao, Xin, et al.2015
Post-dispersal seed removal by ground-feeding rodents in tropical peatlands, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia [期刊论文]Blackham, Grace V.; Corlett, Richard T.2015

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