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Radial Growth of Qilian Juniper on the Northeast Tibetan Plateau and Potential Climate Associations [期刊论文]Qin, Chun); Yang, Bao; Melvin, Thomas M.; Fan, Zexin; Zhao, Yan, et al.2013
Niche Divergence Among Sex and Age Classes in Black-and-White Snub-nosed Monkeys (Rhinopithecus bieti) [期刊论文]Wan,Y(Wan, Yi); Quan, RC (Quan, Rui-Chang); et al2013
不同演替阶段野芭蕉群落土壤养分的动态变化 [期刊论文]唐建维; 王秀华; 高丽洪; 施济普; 张光明2013
Fearful Foragers: Honey Bees Tune Colony and Individual Foraging to Multi-Predator Presence and Food Quality [期刊论文]Ken Tan; Zongwen Hu; Weiwen Chen; Zhengwei Wang; Yuchong Wang, et al.2013
The Effect of Color on Fruit Selection in Six Tropical Asian Birds [期刊论文]Qiong Duan; Rui-Chang Quan2013
Comparative analysis of olfactory learning of Apis cerana and Apis mellifera [期刊论文]Zhengwei Wang; Ken Tan2013
Climate warming and the potential extinction of fig wasps, the obligate pollinators of figs [期刊论文]Jevanandam, Nanthinee; Goh, Alexander G. R.; Corlett, Richard T.2013
Will plant movements keep up with climate change? [期刊论文]Richard T. Corlett; David A. Westcott2013
Effect of Flumethrin on Survival and Olfactory Learning in Honeybees [期刊论文]Ken Tan*; Shuang Yang; Zhengwei Wang; Randolf Menzel2013
Multi-Proxy Temperature Reconstruction from the West Qinling Mountains, China, for the Past 500 Years [期刊论文]Fengmei Yang; Naiang Wang; Feng Shi*; Fredrik Charpentier Ljungqvist; Shigong Wang, et al.2013

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