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Effects of fertilization on the growth, photosynthesis, and biomass accumulation in juvenile plants of three coffee (Coffea arabica L.) cultivars [期刊论文]Zhang, Z. X.; Cai, Z. Q.; Liu, G. Z.; Wang, H.; Huang, L., et al.2017
Vegetative and Reproductive Growth and Yield of Plukenetia volubilis Plants in Responses to Foliar Application of Plant Growth Regulators [期刊论文]Yang, C.; Jiao, D. Y.; Cai, Z. Q.; Gong, H. D.; Li, G. Y.2016
Phenotypic plasticity of seedlings of five tropical tree species in response to different light and nutrient availability [期刊论文]Gong, H. D.; Wang, H.; Jiao, D. Y.; Cai, Z. Q.2016
Chromosome number variation in a promising oilseed woody crop, Plukenetia volubilis L. (Euphorbiaceae) [期刊论文]Cai, Z. Q.2013
Growth and yield responses of Plukenetia volubilis L. plants to planting density [期刊论文]Cai, Z. Q.2013
Leaf Photosynthesis, Growth, and Seed Chemicals of Sacha Inchi Plants Cultivated Along an Altitude Gradient [期刊论文]Cai, Z. Q.2012
Shade delayed flowering and decreased photosynthesis, growth and yield of Sacha Inchi (Plukenetia volubilis) plants [期刊论文]Cai, Z. Q.2011



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