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Can carbon-trading schemes help to protect China's most diverse forest ecosystems? A case study from Xishuangbanna, Yunnan [期刊论文]Zhuang-Fang Yi; Grace Wong; Charles H. Cannon; Jianchu Xu; Philip Beckschäfer, et al.2014
Molecular Evolutionary Analysis of the Alfin-Like Protein Family in Arabidopsis lyrata, Arabidopsis thaliana, and Thellungiella halophila [期刊论文]Yu Song; Jie Gao; Fengxi Yang; Chai-Shian Kua; Jingxin Liu, et al.2013
Developing indicators of economic value and biodiversity loss for rubber plantations in Xishuangbanna, southwest China: A case study from Menglun township [期刊论文]Zhuang-Fang Yi; Charles H. Cannon; Jin Chen; Cheng-Xi Ye; Ruth D. Swetnam2013
Dissecting the decision making process of scatter-hoarding rodents [期刊论文]Bo Wang; Cheng-Xi Ye; Charles H. Cannon; Jin Chen2013
A Curiosity Moment for Tropical Biology? [期刊论文]Charles H. Cannon2012
Averting biodiversity collapse in tropical forest protected areas [期刊论文]William F. Laurance; al.; Charles H. Cannon; Min Cao; ..., et al.2012
Limited edge effects along a burned-unburned Bornean forest boundary seven years after disturbance [期刊论文]J. W. Ferry Slik; Marloes van Beek; Caroline Bernard; Frans Bongers; Floris C. Breman, et al.2011
Phylogeny and Evolution of Bracts and Bracteoles in Tacca (Dioscoreaceae) [期刊论文]Ling Zhang; Hong-Tao Li; Lian-Ming Gao; Jun-Bo Yang; De-Zhu Li, et al.2011
Communities contain closely related species during ecosystem disturbance [期刊论文]Matthew R. Helmus*; Wendel (Bill) Keller; Michael J. Paterson; Norman D. Yan; Charles H. Cannon, et al.2010
Assembly free comparative genomics of short-read sequence data discovers the needles in the haystack [期刊论文]CHARLES H. CANNON; CHAI-SHIAN KUA; D. ZHANG; J.R. HARTING2010

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