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Photosynthesis, growth and foliar herbivory of four Ardisia species (Myrsinaceae) [期刊论文]Zhao Jin; Chen Jin*2011
Scatter-Hoarding Rodents Prefer Slightly Astringent Food [期刊论文]Wang Bo; Chen Jin*2011
Dispersal syndrome differentiation of Pinus armandii in Southwest China: Key elements of a potential selection mosaic [期刊论文]Chen Fan; Chen Jin*2011
Seed size, more than nutrient or tannin content, affects seed caching behavior of a common genus of Old World rodents [期刊论文]Wang Bo; Chen Jin*2009
Ethnobotanical studies on wild edible fruits in southern Yunnan: Folk names; Nutritional value and uses [期刊论文]CHEN JIN*; SU YIN-CHUN; CHEN Gui-Qin; WANG WEN-DUN1999



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