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Effects of vegetation type on soil resistance to erosion: Relationship between aggregate stability and shear strength [期刊论文]Fattet, M; Fu, Y; Ghestem, M; Ma, W; Foulonneau, M, et al.2011
Vegetation cover of forest, shrub and pasture strongly influences soil bacterial community structure as revealed by 16S rRNA gene T-RFLP analysis [期刊论文]Chan, OC; Casper, P; Sha, LQ; Feng, ZL; Fu, Y, et al.2008
16S rRNA gene analyses of bacterial community structures in the soils of evergreen broad-leaved forests in south-west China [期刊论文]Chan, OC; Yang, XD; Fu, Y; Feng, ZL; Sha, LQ, et al.2006
Estimating soil labile organic carbon and potential turnover rates using a sequential fumigation-incubation procedure [期刊论文]Zou, XM; Ruan, HH; Fu, Y; Yang, XD; Sha, LQ2005



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