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Photosynthetic thermotolerance of woody savanna species in China is correlated with leaf life span [期刊论文]Zhang, JL; Poorter, L; Hao, GY; Cao, KF*2012
Hydraulic conductivity traits predict growth rates and adult stature of 40 Aian tropical tree species better than wood density [期刊论文]Fan, ZX; Zhang, SB; Hao, GY; Slik, JWF; Cao, KF*2012
Ecology of hemiepiphytism in fig species is based on evolutionary correlation of hydraulics and carbon economy [期刊论文]Hao, GY; Goldstein, G; Sack, L; Holbrook, NM; Liu, ZH, et al.2011
Differentiation of leaf water flux and drought tolerance traits in hemiepiphytic and non-hemiepiphytic Ficus tree species [期刊论文]Hao, GY; Sack, L; Wang, AY; Cao, KF *; Goldstein, G2010



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