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Wallace’s Line and plant distributions: two or three phytogeographical areas and where to group Java [期刊论文]Welzen, P.C. van; J.A.N. Parnell; J.W.F. Slik2011
Human and environmental influence on plant diversity and composition in Ben En National Park, Vietnam [期刊论文]Hoang Van; S., P. Baas; P.J.A. Keßler; J.W.F. Slik; H. ter Steege, et al.2011
Comparative chloroplast DNA phylogeography of two tropical pioneer trees, Macaranga gigantea and Macaranga pearsonii (Euphorbiaceae [期刊论文]Guicking, D.; B. Fiala; F.R. Blattner; J.W.F. Slik; M. Mohamed, et al.2011
Key to the Malesian species of Mallotus (Euphorbiaceae) [期刊论文]Welzen, P.C. van; K.K.M. Kulju; S.E.C. Sierra; J.W.F. Slik2010
Drought mortality relationhips for tropical forests [期刊论文]Phillips O.L.; G. van der Heijden; G. Lopez-Gonzalez; L.E.O.C Aragao; S.L. Lewis, et al.2010
Biodiversity in the REDD. Why efforts to reduce anthropogenic carbon emissions from forest may undermine long-term biodiversity conservation in Indonesia [期刊论文]Gary D Paoli; P.L. Wells; E. Meijaard; M.J. Struebig; A.J. Marshall, et al.2010
Patterns in species richness and composition of plant families in the Malay archipelago [期刊论文]Welzen, P.C. van; J.W.F. Slik2009
Botanical richness and endemicity patterns of Borneo derived from significant species distribution models [期刊论文]Raes, N.; H. ter Steege; M.C. Roos; J.W.F. Slik; E. van Loon, et al.2009
Soil nutrients affect spatial patterns of aboveground biomass and emergent tree density in southwestern Borneo [期刊论文]Paoli, G.D.; L.M. Curran; J.W.F. Slik2008
The plant community of Sungai Wain, East Kalimantan, Indonesia: Phytogeographical status and local variation [期刊论文]Eichhorn, K.A.O.; J.W.F. Slik2006



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