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First macroflora data from La Val (Late Oligocene/Early Miocene), Estadilla (Huesca, Spain) [期刊论文]Moreno-Dominguez, R; Diez, JB; Jacques, FMB; Ferrer, J2015
The occurrence of Pinus massoniana Lambert (Pinaceae) from the upper Miocene of Yunnan, SW China and its implications for paleogeography and paleoclimate [期刊论文]Zhang, JW; D'Rozario, A; Adams, JM; Liang, XQ; Jacques, FMB, et al.2015
Resilience of plant-insect interactions in an oak lineage through Quaternary climate change [期刊论文]Su, T; Adams, JM; Wappler, T; Huang, YJ; Jacques, FMB, et al.2015
New Biogeographic insight into Bauhinia s.l. (Leguminosae): integration from fossil records and molecular analyses [期刊论文]Meng, HH; Jacques, FMB; Su, T; Huang, YJ; Zhang, ST, et al.2014
The Coexistence Approach-Theoretical background and practical considerations of using plant fossils for climate quantification [期刊论文]Utescher, T; Bruch, AA; Erdei, B; Francois, L; Ivanov, D, et al.2014
Late Miocene southwestern Chinese floristic diversity shaped by the southeastern uplift of the Tibetan Plateau [期刊论文]Jacques, FMB; Su, T; Spicer, RA; Xing, YW; Huang, YJ, et al.2014
Terpenoid Compositions and Botanical Origins of Late Cretaceous and Miocene Amber from China [期刊论文]Shi, GL; Dutta, S; Paul, S; Wang, B; Jacques, FMB2014
The intensification of the East Asian winter monsoon contributed to the disappearance of Cedrus (Pinaceae) in southwestern China [期刊论文]Su, T; Liu, YS; Jacques, FMB; Huang, YJ; Xing, YW, et al.2013
Neogene zonal vegetation of China and the evolution of the winter monsoon [期刊论文]Jacques, FMB; Shi, G; Wang, WM2013
Nutlet micro-morphology of the genus Microula (Boraginaceae) from the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, and its systematic implications [期刊论文]Yu, WT; Jacques, FMB; Chen, ST; Zhou, ZK2012

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