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Honeybee (Apis cerana) guards do not discriminate between robbers and reproductive parasites [期刊论文]M. J. Holmes; K. Tan; Z. Wang; B. P. Oldroyd; M. Beekman2013
Wasp hawking induces endothermic heat production in guard bees [期刊论文]K. Tan; H. Li; M.X. Yang; H.R. Hepburn; S.E. Radloff*2010
Dancing to different tunes: heterospecific deciphering of the honeybee waggle dance [期刊论文]K. Tan; M. X. Yang; S. E. Radloff, H. R. Hepburn; Z. Y. Zhang; L. J. Luo, et al.2008



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