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Phylogenetic analyses of the banana family (Musaceae) based on nuclear ribosomal (ITS) and chloroplast (trnL-F) evidence [期刊论文]Liu, AZ; Kress, WJ; Li, DZ2010
Dissecting Tropical Plant Diversity with Forest Plots and a Molecular Toolkit [期刊论文]Dick, CW; Kress, WJ2009
Phylogenetic analyses of amomum (Alpinioideae : zingiberaceae) using ITS and matK DNA sequence data [期刊论文]Xia, YM; Kress, WJ; Prince, LM2004
Tropical ecosystems into the 21st century [期刊论文]Bawa, KS (Bawa, KS); Kress, WJ (Kress, WJ); Nadkarni, NM; Lele, S; Raven, PH, et al.2004
Beyond paradise - Meeting the challenges in tropical biology in the 21st century [期刊论文]Bawa, KS; Kress, WJ; Nadkarni, NM; Lele, S2004
The phylogeny and a new classification of the gingers (Zingiberaceae): Evidence from molecular data [期刊论文]Kress, WJ; Prince, LM; Williams, KJ2002



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