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Integrating novel chemical weapons and evolutionarily increased competitive ability in success of a tropical invader [期刊论文]Zheng, YL; Feng, YL; Zhang, LK; Callaway, RM; Valiente-Banuet, A, et al.2015
Different responses of photosystem I and photosystem II in three tropical oilseed crops exposed to chilling stress and subsequent recovery [期刊论文]Lei, YB; Zheng, YL; Dai, KJ; Duan, BL; Cai, ZQ2014
Estimating changes in soil organic carbon storage due to land use changes using a modified calculation method [期刊论文]Li, YW; Xia, YJ; Lei, YB; Deng, Y; Chen, H, et al.2014
Synergistic effect of colonization with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi improves growth and drought tolerance of Plukenetia volubilis seedlings [期刊论文]Tian, YH; Lei, YB; Zheng, YL; Cai, ZQ*2013
Invasive Eupatorium adenophorum suffers lower enemy impact on carbon assimilation than native congeners [期刊论文]Zheng, YL; Feng, YL; Wang, RF; Shi, XD; Lei, YB, et al.2012
Synergistic interactions of CO(2) enrichment and nitrogen deposition promote growth and ecophysiological advantages of invading Eupatorium adenophorum in Southwest China [期刊论文]Lei, YB; Wang, WB; Feng, YL; Zheng, YL; Gong, HD2012
Micronutrient deficiencies accelerate leaf senescence in Amomum villosum [期刊论文]Feng, YL; Lei, YB; Li, Z2012
Leaf Photosynthesis, Growth, and Seed Chemicals of Sacha Inchi Plants Cultivated Along an Altitude Gradient [期刊论文]Cai, ZQ*; Jiao, DY; Tang, SX; Dao, XS; Lei, YB, et al.2012
Innate and evolutionarily increased advantages of invasive Eupatorium adenophorum over native E. japonicum under ambient and doubled atmospheric CO(2) concentrations [期刊论文]Lei, YB; Feng, YL*; Zheng, YL; Wang, RF; Gong, HD, et al.2011
Populus from high altitude has more efficient protective mechanisms under water stress than from low-altitude habitats: a study in greenhouse for cuttings [期刊论文]Yin, CY; Pang, XY; Lei, YB2009

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