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Dendrobium naungmungense (Orchidaceae, Dendrobieae), a new species from Kachin State, Myanmar [期刊论文]Liu, Qiang; Zhou, Shi-Shun; Jin, Xiao-Hua; Pan, Bo; Maung, Kyaw Win, et al.2018
Seed dormancy-life form profile for 358 species from the Xishuangbanna seasonal tropical rainforest, Yunnan Province, China compared to world database [期刊论文]Lan, Qinying; Yin, Shouhua; He, Huiyin; Tan, Yunhong; Liu, Qiang, et al.2018
Coelogyne victoria-reginae (Orchidaceae, Epidendroideae, Arethuseae), a new species from Chin State, Myanmar [期刊论文]Zhou, Shi-Shun; Tan, Yun-Hong; Jin, Xiao-Hua; Maung, Kyaw Win; Zyaw, Myint, et al.2018
Using In Situ Symbiotic Seed Germination to Restore Over-collected Medicinal Orchids in Southwest China [期刊论文]Shao, Shi-Cheng; Burgess, Kevin S.; Cruse-Sanders, Jennifer M.; Liu, Qiang; et al2017
Coelogyne magnifica (Orchidaceae), a new species from northern Myanmar [期刊论文]Yang, Bin; Zhou, Shi-Shun; Liu, Qiang; Maung, Kyaw Win; Li, Ren, et al.2017
Orchid conservation in the biodiversity hotspot of southwestern China [期刊论文]Liu, Q (Liu, Qiang); Chen, J (Chen, Jin); Corlett, RT (Corlett, Richard T.); Fan, XL (Fan, XuLi); Yu, DL (Yu, DongLI), et al.2016
Different pollinator assemblages ensure reproductive success of Cleisostoma linearilobatum (Orchidaceae) in fragmented holy hill forest and traditional tea garden [期刊论文]Zhou, Xiang; Liu, Qiang; Han, Jessie Yc; Gao, JiangYun2016
Sensitivity to high temperature and water stress in recalcitrant Baccaurea ramiflora seeds [期刊论文]Wen, Bin; Liu, Minghang; Tan, Yunhong; Liu, Qiang2016
New orchids record in the flora of China [期刊论文]Liu, Qiang; Gao, Jiang-Yun2016
Mycorrhizal fungal diversity and community composition in a lithophytic and epiphytic orchid [期刊论文]Xing, Xiaoke; Gai, Xuege; Liu, Qiang; Hart, Miranda M.; Guo, Shunxing2015

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