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Cooperation of earthworm and arbuscular mycorrhizae enhanced plant N uptake by balancing absorption and supply of ammonia [期刊论文]He, Xinxing; Chen, Yuanqi; Liu, Shengjie; Gunina, Anna; Wang, Xiaoli, et al.2018
Diversity and assemblage structure of bark-dwelling spiders in tropical rainforest and plantations under different management intensities in Xishuangbanna, China [期刊论文]Zheng, Guo; Li, Shuqiang; Wu, Pengfeng; Liu, Shengjie; Kitching, Roger L., et al.2017
Mercury flow through an Asian rice-based food web [期刊论文]Abeysinghe, Kasun S.; Qiu, Guangle; Goodale, Eben; Anderson, Christopher W. N.; Bishop, Kevin, et al.2017
TOTAL MERCURY AND METHYLMERCURY CONCENTRATIONS OVER A GRADIENT OF CONTAMINATION IN EARTHWORMS LIVING IN RICE PADDY SOIL [期刊论文]Abeysinghe, Kasun S.; Yang, Xiao-Dong; Goodale, Eben; Anderson, Christopher W. N.; Bishop, Kevin, et al.2017
Functional redundancy dampens the trophic cascade effect of a web-building spider in a tropical forest floor [期刊论文]Liu, Shengjie; Behm, Jocelyn E.; Chen, Jin; ......; Yang, Xiaodong2016
Cascading effects of spiders on a forest-floor food web in the face of environmental change [期刊论文]Liu, Shengjie; Chen, Jin; Gan, Wenjin; ...; Yang, Xiaodong2016
Spider foraging strategy affects trophic cascades under natural and drought conditions [期刊论文]Liu, Shengjie; Chen, Jin; Gan, Wenjin; Schaefer, Douglas; Gan, Jianmin, et al.2015
Prey interception drives web invasion and spider size determines successful web takeover in nocturnal orb-web spiders [期刊论文]Gan, Wenjin; Liu, Shengjie; Yang, Xiaodong; Li, Daiqin; Lei, Chaoliang2015



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