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High sensitivity of a tropical rainforest to water variability: Evidence from 10 years of inventory and eddy flux data [期刊论文]Zheng-Hong Tan; Min Cao; Gui-Rui Yu; Jian-Wei Tang; Xiao-Bao Deng, et al.2013
Temperature regulates positively photoblastic seed germination in four ficus (moraceae) tree species from contrasting habitats in a seasonal tropical rainforest [期刊论文]Hui Chen; Min Cao; Jerry M. Baskin; Carol C. Baskin2013
A Phylogenetic Perspective on the Individual Species-Area Relationship in Temperate and Tropical Tree Communities [期刊论文]Jie Yang; Nathan G. Swenson; Min Cao; George B. Chuyong; Corneille E. N. Ewango, et al.2013
Averting biodiversity collapse in tropical forest protected areas [期刊论文]William F. Laurance; al.; Charles H. Cannon; Min Cao; ..., et al.2012
Seasonal differentiation in density-dependent seedling survival in a tropical rain forest [期刊论文]Luxiang Lin*; Liza S. Comita; Zheng Zheng; Min Cao2012
Buttress trees elevate soil heterogeneity and regulate seedling diversity in a tropical rainforest [期刊论文]Yong Tang*; Xiaofei Yang; Min Cao; Carol C. Baskin; Jerry M. Baskin2011
Self-organization of tropical seasonal rain forest in southwest China [期刊论文]Hua Lin*; Min Cao; Yiping Zhang2011
Evapotranspiration of a tropical rain forest in Xishuangbanna, southwest China [期刊论文]Zhiheng Li; Yiping Zhang*; Shusen Wang; Guofu Yuan; Yan Yang, et al.2010
Litterfall production, decomposition and nutrient use efficiency varies with tropical forest types in Xishuangbanna, SW China: a 10-year study [期刊论文]Jian-Wei Tang*; Min Cao; Jian-Hou Zhang; Mai-He Li2010
Spatial dispersion patterns of trees in a tropical rainforest in Xishuangbanna, southwest China [期刊论文]Guoyu Lan; Hua Zhu*; Min Cao; Yuehua Hu; Hong Wang, et al.2009

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