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Corrigendum to “Solid acid mediated hydrolysis of biomass for producing biofuels” [Prog Energ Combust Sci (2012) 672–690] [期刊论文]Feng Guo; Zhen Fang; C. Charles Xu; Richard L. Smith Jr.2013
Solid Acid Mediated Hydrolysis of Biomass for Producing Biofuels [期刊论文]Feng Guo; Zhen Fang *; C. Charles Xu; Richard L. Smith Jr.2012
Reaction of D-Glucose in Water at High Temperatures (410 oC) and Pressures (180 MPa) for the Production of Dyes and Nano-particles [期刊论文]Zhen Fang*; Richard L. Smith Jr.; Janusz A. Kozinski; Tomoaki Minowa; Kunio Arai2011



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