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Carbon exchanges and their responses to temperature and precipitation in forest ecosystems in Yunnan, Southwest China [期刊论文]Fei, Xuehai; Song, Qinghai; Zhang, Yiping; Liu, Yuntong; Sha, Liqing, et al.2018
Responses of the Carbon Storage and Sequestration Potential of Forest Vegetation to Temperature Increases in Yunnan Province, SW China [期刊论文]Zhou, Ruiwu; Li, Wangjun; Zhang, Yiping; Peng, Mingchun; Wang, Chongyun, et al.2018
Lack of phylogenetic signals within environmental niches of tropical tree species across life stages [期刊论文]Zhang, Caicai; Cao, Min; Yang, Jie; ...; Sha, Liqing, et al.2017
Soil properties drive a negative correlation between species diversity and genetic diversity in a tropical seasonal rainforest [期刊论文]Xu, Wumei; Liu, Lu; He, Tianhua; Cao, Min; Sha, Liqing, et al.2016
Heterotrophic respiration does not acclimate to continuous warming in a subtropical forest [期刊论文]Wu, Chuansheng; Liang, Naishen; Sha, Liqing; Xu, Xingliang; Zhang, Yiping, et al.2016
High mercury accumulation in two subtropical evergreen forests in South China and potential determinants [期刊论文]Lu, Zhiyun; Wang, Xun; Zhang, Yiping; ...; Sha, Liqing2016
Accumulated Impacts of Sulfur Spraying on Soil Nutrient Availability and Microbial Biomass in Rubber Plantations [期刊论文]Li, Yuwu; Xia, Yujie; Li, Haiying; Deng, Xiaobao; Sha, Liqing, et al.2016
How does habitat filtering affect the detection of conspecific and phylogenetic density dependence [期刊论文]Wu, Junjie; Swenson, Nathan G.); Brown, Calum); Zhang, Caicai; Yang, Jie, et al.2016
Local-scale Partitioning of Functional and Phylogenetic Beta Diversity in a Tropical Tree Assemblage [期刊论文]Yang, Jie; Swenson, Nathan G.; Zhang, Guocheng; Ci, Xiuqin; Cao, Min, et al.2015
Effects of continuous drought stress on soil respiration in a tropical rainforest in southwest China [期刊论文]Zhang, Xiang; Zhang, Yiping; Sha, Liqing; Wu, Chuansheng; Tan, Zhenghong, et al.2015

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