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Potential hydraulic efficiency in angiosperm trees increases with growth-site temperature but has no trade-off with mechanical strength [期刊论文]Shi-Bao Zhang; Kun-Fang Cao*; Ze-Xin Fan; Jiao-Lin Zhang2013
Evolutionary Association of Stomatal Traits with Leaf Vein Density in Paphiopedilum, Orchidaceae [期刊论文]Shi-Bao Zhang; Zhi-Jie Guan; Mei Sun; Juan-Juan Zhang; Kun-Fang Cao, et al.2012
Hydraulic conductivity traits predict growth rates and adult stature of 40 Asian tropical tree species better than wood density [期刊论文]Ze-Xin Fan; Shi-Bao Zhang; Guang-You Hao; J.W. Ferry Slik; Kun-Fang Cao*2012
Evidence for leaf fold to remedy the deficiency of physiological photoprotection for photosystem II [期刊论文]Wei Huang; Shi-Bao Zhang; Kun-Fang Cao*2012
Spatial patterns of wood traits in China are controlled by phylogeny and the environment [期刊论文]Shi-Bao Zhang; J. W. Ferry Slik; Jiao-Lin Zhang; Kun-Fang Cao*2011
Stimulation of Cyclic Electron Flow During Recovery After Chilling-Induced Photoinhibition of PSII [期刊论文]Wei Huang; Shi-Bao Zhang; Kun-Fang Cao*2010



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