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Phylogenetic classification of the world's tropical forests [期刊论文]Slik, J. W. Ferry; Franklin, Janet; Arroyo-Rodriguez, Victor; Field, Richard; Aguilar, Salomon, et al.2018
Trees represent community composition of other plant life-forms, but not their diversity, abundance or responses to fragmentation [期刊论文]Pasion, Bonifacio O.; Roeder, Mareike; Liu, Jiajia; Yasuda, Mika; Corlett, Richard T., et al.2018
Patterns and drivers of plant biodiversity in Chinese university campuses [期刊论文]Liu, Jiajia; Yu, Mingjian; Tomlinson, Kyle; Slik, J. W. Ferry2017
Local-scale Partitioning of Functional and Phylogenetic Beta Diversity in a Tropical Tree Assemblage [期刊论文]Yang, Jie; Swenson, Nathan G.; Zhang, Guocheng; Ci, Xiuqin; Cao, Min, et al.2015
Proximity to the host is an important characteristic for selection of the first support in lianas [期刊论文]Roeder, Mareike; Slik, J. W. Ferry; Harrison, Rhett D.; Paudel, Ekananda; Tomlinson, Kyle W.2015
Major declines of woody plant species ranges under climate change in Yunnan, China [期刊论文]Zhang, Ming-Gang; Zhou, Zhe-Kun; Chen, Wen-Yun; Cannon, Charles H.; Raes, Niels, et al.2014
Functional and phylogenetic assembly in a Chinese tropical tree community across size classes, spatial scales and habitats [期刊论文]Yang, Jie; Zhang, Guocheng; Ci, Xiuqin; Swenson, Nathan G.; Cao, Min, et al.2014
Variation in forest soil fungal diversity along a latitudinal gradient [期刊论文]Shi, Ling-Ling; Mortimer, Peter E.; Slik, J. W. Ferry; et al2014
Large trees drive forest aboveground biomass variation in moist lowland forests across the tropics [期刊论文]Slik, J. W. Ferry; et al2013
Rubber and pulp plantations represent a double threat to Hainan's natural tropical forests [期刊论文]Zhai, De-Li; Cannon, Charles H.; Slik, J. W. Ferry; Zhang, Cui-Ping; Dai, Zhi-Cong2012



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