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The use of species-area relationships to partition the effects of hunting and deforestation on bird extirpations in a fragmented landscape [期刊论文]Sreekar, R; Huang, GHL; Zhao, JB; Pasion, BO; Yasuda, M, et al.2015
Forest fragment spatial distribution matters for tropical tree conservation [期刊论文]Liu, JJ; Slik, JWF2014
Monodominance of Parashorea chinensis on fertile soils in a Chinese tropical rain forest [期刊论文]van der Velden, N; Slik, JWF; Hu, YH; Lan, GY; Lin, LX, et al.2014
Historical distribution of Sundaland's Dipterocarp rainforests at Quaternary glacial maxima [期刊论文]Raes, N; Cannon, CH; Hijmans, RJ; Piessens, T; Saw, LG, et al.2014
Topography related habitat associations of tree species traits, composition and diversity in a Chinese tropical forest [期刊论文]Liu, J; Tan, YH; Slik, JWF2014
Leaf element concentrations of terrestrial plants across China are influenced by taxonomy and the environment [期刊论文]Zhang, SB; Zhang, JL; Slik, JWF; Cao, KF*2012
Hydraulic conductivity traits predict growth rates and adult stature of 40 Aian tropical tree species better than wood density [期刊论文]Fan, ZX; Zhang, SB; Hao, GY; Slik, JWF; Cao, KF*2012



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