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Evolutionary distinctiveness and conservation priority of the endangered Najas ancistrocarpa (Hydrocharitaceae) [期刊论文]Ito, Yu; Enju, Chigaya; Li, Jie; Tanaka, Norio2018
Molecular phylogeny of the cosmopolitan aquatic plant genus Limosella (Scrophulariaceae) with a particular focus on the origin of the Australasian L. curdieana [期刊论文]Ito, Yu; Tanaka, Norio; Albach, Dirk C.; et al2017
Phylogeny of Najas (Hydrocharitaceae) revisited: Implications for systematics and evolution [期刊论文]Ito, Yu; Tanaka, Norio; Gale, Stephan W.; Yano, Okihito; Li, Jie2017
From terrestrial to aquatic habitats and back again: molecular insights into the evolution and phylogeny of Callitriche (Plantaginaceae) [期刊论文]Ito, Yu; Tanaka, Norio; Barfod, Anders S.2017
Towards a better understanding of the Ruppia maritima complex (Ruppiaceae): Notes on the correct application and typification of the names R-cirrhosa and R-spiralis [期刊论文]Ito, Yu; Ohi-Toma, Tetsuo; Nepi, Chiara; Santangelo, Annalisa; Stinca, Adriano, et al.2017
Phylogeny of Sparganium (Typhaceae) revisited: non-monophyletic nature of S. emersum sensu lato and resurrection of S. acaule [期刊论文]Ito, Yu; Tanaka, Norio; Kim, Changkyun; et al2016
A new delimitation of the Afro-Eurasian plant genus Althenia to include its Australasian relative, Lepilaena (Potamogetonaceae) - Evidence from DNA and morphological data [期刊论文]Ito, Yu; Tanaka, Norio; Garcia-Murillo, Pablo; et al2016
Phylogeny of Isolepis (Cyperaceae) revisited: non-monophyletic nature of I. fluitans sensu lato and resurrection of I. lenticularis [期刊论文]Ito, Yu; Viljoen, Jan-Adriaan; Tanaka, Norio; Yano, Okihito; Muasya, A. Muthama2016
Phylogeny of Ruppia (Ruppiaceae) Revisited: Molecular and Morphological Evidence for a New Species from Western Cape, South Africa [期刊论文]Ito, Yu; Ohi-Toma, Tetsuo; Tanaka, Norio; Murata, Jin; Muasya, A. Muthama2015



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