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A new Celastrus species from the middle Miocene of Yunnan, China and its palaeoclimatic and palaeobiogeographic implications [期刊论文]Xiao-Qing Liang; David K. Ferguson; Frédéric M.B. Jacques; Tao Su; Li Wang, et al.2016
Fossil leaves of Populus from the Middle Miocene of Yunnan, SW China [期刊论文]Xiao-Qing Liang; David K. Ferguson; Tao Su; Zhe-Kun Zhou2016
Late Pliocene diversity and distribution of Drynaria (Polypodiaceae) in western Yunnan explained by forest vegetation and humid climates [期刊论文]Yong-Jiang Huang; Tao Su; Zhe-Kun Zhou2016
Peaches Preceded Humans: Fossil Evidence from SW China [期刊论文]Tao Su; Peter Wilf; Yongjiang Huang; Shitao Zhang; Zhekun Zhou2015
A new Tsuga species from the upper Miocene of Yunnan, southwestern China and its palaeogeographic significance [期刊论文]Yao-Wu Xing; Yusheng (Christopher) Liu; Tao Su; Frédéric M.B. Jacques; Zhe-Kun Zhou2013
Fossil fruits of Ailanthus confucii from the Upper Miocene of Wenshan, Yunnan Province, southwestern China [期刊论文]Tao Su; Frédéric M.B. Jacques; Hong-Jie Ma; Zhe-Kun Zhou2013
A global-scale test for monsoon indices used in palaeoclimatic reconstruction [期刊论文]Frédéric M.B. Jacques; Tao Su; Yong-Jiang Huang; Li Wang; Zhe-Kun Zhou2013
The first fossil Microsoroid fern (Palaeosorum ellipticum gen. et sp. nov.) from the middle Miocene of Yunnan, SW China [期刊论文]Frédéric M. B. JACQUES; Tao SU; Zhe-Kun ZHOU*2013
The earliest fossil bamboos of China (middle Miocene, Yunnan) and their biogeographical importance [期刊论文]Li Wang; Frédéric M.B. Jacques; Tao Su; Yaowu Xing; Shitao Zhang, et al.2013
Regional constraints on leaf physiognomy and precipitation regression models: a case study from China [期刊论文]TAO SU; ROBERT A. SPICER; YU-SHENG (CHRISTOPHER) LIU; YONG-JIANG HUANG; YAO-WU XING, et al.2013

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