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Why Functional Traits Do Not Predict Tree Demographic Rates [期刊论文]Yang, Jie; Cao, Min; Swenson, Nathan G.2018
Lack of phylogenetic signals within environmental niches of tropical tree species across life stages [期刊论文]Zhang, Caicai; Cao, Min; Yang, Jie; ...; Sha, Liqing, et al.2017
Environmental filtering structures tree functional traits combination and lineages across space in tropical tree assemblages [期刊论文]Asefa, Mengesha; Cao, Min; Zhang, Guocheng; Ci, Xiuqin; Li, Jie, et al.2017
Snow damage to the canopy facilitates alien weed invasion in a subtropical montane primary forest in southwestern China [期刊论文]Song, Xiaoyang; Brown, Calum; Hogan, James Aaron; Cao, Min; Yang, Jie2017
The role of functional uniqueness and spatial aggregation in explaining rarity in trees [期刊论文]Umana, Maria Natalia; Mi, Xiangcheng; Cao, Min; Enquist, Brian J.; Hao, Zhanqing, et al.2017
A Phylogenetic Perspective on Biogeographical Divergence of the Flora in Yunnan, Southwestern China [期刊论文]Liu, Shuiyin; Zhu, Hua; Yang, Jie2017
How does habitat filtering affect the detection of conspecific and phylogenetic density dependence [期刊论文]Wu, Junjie; Swenson, Nathan G.); Brown, Calum); Zhang, Caicai; Yang, Jie, et al.2016
Local-scale Partitioning of Functional and Phylogenetic Beta Diversity in a Tropical Tree Assemblage [期刊论文]Yang, Jie; Swenson, Nathan G.; Zhang, Guocheng; Ci, Xiuqin; Cao, Min, et al.2015
Functional traits of tree species with phylogenetic signal co-vary with environmental niches in two large forest dynamics plots [期刊论文]Yang, Jie; Ci, Xiuqin; Lu, Mengmeng; Zhang, Guocheng; Cao, Min, et al.2014
The role of functional traits and individual variation in the co-occurrence of Ficus species [期刊论文]Lasky, Jesse R.; Yang, Jie; Zhang, Guocheng; Cao, Min; et al2014

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