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Transcription Factor WRKY75 Interacts with DELLA Proteins to Affect Flowering [期刊论文]Zhang, Liping; Chen, Ligang; Yu, Diqiu2018
WRKY2/34-VQ20 Modules in Arabidopsis thaliana Negatively Regulate Expression of a Trio of Related MYB Transcription Factors During Pollen Development [期刊论文]Lei, Rihua; Ma, Zhenbing; Yu, Diqiu2018
Jasmonate Negatively Regulates Stomatal Development in Arabidopsis Cotyledons [期刊论文]Han, Xiao; Hu, Yanru; Zhang, Gensong; Jiang, Yanjuan; Chen, Xiaolan, et al.2018
Probing the transcriptome of Aconitum carmichaelii reveals the candidate genes associated with the biosynthesis of the toxic aconitine-type C-19-diterpenoid alkaloids [期刊论文]Zhao, Dake; Shen, Yong; Shi, Yana; Shi, Xingqiao; Qiao, Qin, et al.2018
Arabidopsis VQ18 and VQ26 proteins interact with ABI5 transcription factor to negatively modulate ABA response during seed germination [期刊论文]Pan, Jinjing; Wang, Houping; Hu, Yanru; Yu, Diqiu2018
bHLH104 confers tolerance to cadmium stress in Arabidopsis thaliana [期刊论文]Yao, Xiani; Cai, Yuerong; Yu, Diqiu; Liang, Gang2018
Arabidopsis WRKY Transcription Factors WRKY12 and WRKY13 Oppositely Regulate Flowering under Short-Day Conditions [期刊论文]Li, Wei; Wang, Houping; Yu, Diqiu2017
OsSAPK2 Confers Abscisic Acid Sensitivity and Tolerance to Drought Stress in Rice [期刊论文]Lou, Dengji; Wang, Houping; Liang, Gang; Yu, Diqiu2017
Fe-deficiency-induced expression of bHLH104 enhances Fe-deficiency tolerance of Arabidopsis thaliana [期刊论文]Wang, Ce; Yao, Xiani; Yu, Diqiu; Liang, Gang2017
POSITIVE REGULATOR OF IRON HOMEOSTASIS1, OsPRI1, Facilitates Iron Homeostasis [期刊论文]Zhang, Huimin; Li, Yang; Yao, Xiani; Liang, Gang; Yu, Diqiu2017

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