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A new Tsuga species from the upper Miocene of Yunnan, southwestern China and its palaeogeographic significance [期刊论文]Yao-Wu Xing; Yusheng (Christopher) Liu; Tao Su; Frédéric M.B. Jacques; Zhe-Kun Zhou2013
Regional constraints on leaf physiognomy and precipitation regression models: a case study from China [期刊论文]TAO SU; ROBERT A. SPICER; YU-SHENG (CHRISTOPHER) LIU; YONG-JIANG HUANG; YAO-WU XING, et al.2013
A new Quercus species from the upper Miocene of southwestern China and its ecological significance [期刊论文]Yaowu Xing; Jinjin Hu; Frédéric M.B. Jacques; Li Wang; Tao Su, et al.2013
First discovery of Cucubalus (Caryophyllaceae) fossil, and its biogeographical and ecological implications [期刊论文]Yong-Jiang Huang; Yu-Sheng (Christopher) Liu; Frédéric M.B. Jacques; Tao Su; Yaowu Xing, et al.2013
Paleoclimatic estimation reveals a weak winter monsoon in southwestern China during the late Miocene: Evidence from plant macrofossils [期刊论文]Yaowu Xing; Torsten Utescher; Frédéric M.B. Jacques; Tao Su; Yusheng (Christopher) Liu, et al.2012
New fossil endocarps of Sambucus (Adoxaceae) from the upper Pliocene in SW China [期刊论文]Yongjiang Huang; Frédéric M.B. Jacques; Yu-Sheng (Christopher) Liu; Tao Su; Yaowu Xing, et al.2011



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