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Is fog an important water source for woody plants in an Asian tropical karst forest during the dry season? [期刊论文]Pei-Li Fu; Wen-Jie Liu; Ze-Xin Fan; Kun-Fang Cao2016
Continental-scale temperature variability during the past two millennia [期刊论文]Moinuddin Ahmed; ......; Ze-Xin Fan; ......2013
Potential hydraulic efficiency in angiosperm trees increases with growth-site temperature but has no trade-off with mechanical strength [期刊论文]Shi-Bao Zhang; Kun-Fang Cao*; Ze-Xin Fan; Jiao-Lin Zhang2013
Spatiotemporal variability of reference evapotranspiration and its contributing climatic factors in Yunnan Province, SW China, 1961-2004 [期刊论文]Ze-Xin Fan; Axel Thomas2012
Hydraulic conductivity traits predict growth rates and adult stature of 40 Asian tropical tree species better than wood density [期刊论文]Ze-Xin Fan; Shi-Bao Zhang; Guang-You Hao; J.W. Ferry Slik; Kun-Fang Cao*2012
Tree ring recorded May-August temperature variations since AD 1585 in the Gaoligong Mountains, southeastern Tibetan Plateau [期刊论文]Ze-Xin Fan; Achim Bräuning; Qin-Hua Tian; Bao Yang; Kun-Fang Cao2010
Tree ring density-based summer temperature reconstruction for the central Hengduan Mountains in southern China [期刊论文]Ze-Xin Fan; Achim Bräuning; Bao Yang; Kun-Fang Cao2009
Growth–climate responses of high-elevation conifers in the central Hengduan Mountains, southwestern China [期刊论文]Ze-Xin Fan; Achim Bräuning*; Kun-Fang Cao; Shi-Dan Zhu2009



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