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Inference of Markovian properties of molecular sequences from NGS data and applications to comparative genomics [期刊论文]Ren, Jie; Song, Kai; Deng, Minghua; Reinert, Gesine; Cannon, Charles H., et al.2016
ngsTools: methods for population genetics analyses from next-generation sequencing data [期刊论文]Fumagalli, Matteo; Vieira, Filipe G.; Linderoth, Tyler; Nielsen, Rasmus2014
A novel cell nuclei segmentation method for 3D C. elegans embryonic time-lapse images [期刊论文]Chen, L.2013
Exploiting sparseness in de novo genome assembly [期刊论文]Chengxi Ye*; Zhanshan S Ma; Charles H Cannon; Mihai Pop*; Douglas W Yu*2012
Picante: R tools for integrating phylogenies and ecology [期刊论文]Kembel, S. W.; Cowan, P. D.; Helmus, M. R.; Cornwell, W. K.; Morlon, H., et al.2010



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