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The database of the PREDICTS (Projecting Responses of Ecological Diversity In Changing Terrestrial Systems) project [期刊论文]Hudson, Lawrence N.; Newbold, Tim; Contu, Sara; et al2017
Late pleistocene climate change promoted divergence between Picea asperata and P. crassifolia on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau through recent bottlenecks [期刊论文]Bi, Hao; ....; Sun, Yongshuai2016
Restoration, Reintroduction, and Rewilding in a Changing World [期刊论文]Richard T. Corlett2016
Environmental versus geographical effects on genomic variation in wild soybean (Glycine soja) across its native range in northeast Asia [期刊论文]Leamy, Larry J.; ...; Luo, Yan; ...; et al2016
The Anthropocene concept in ecology and conservation [期刊论文]Corlett, RT2015
Typification of seven Chinese species of Pedicularis (Orobanchaceae) described by Bureau and Franchet with taxonomic notes [期刊论文]Yu, WB; Wang, H; Ren, YQ; Li, DZ2015
Rarefaction and extrapolation of phylogenetic diversity [期刊论文]Chao, A; Chiu, CH; Hsieh, TC; Davis, T; Nipperess, DA, et al.2015
Insect responses to host plant provision beyond natural boundaries: latitudinal and altitudinal variation in a Chinese fig wasp community [期刊论文]Wang, Rong; Compton, Stephen G.; Quinnell, Rupert J.; Peng, Yan-Qiong; Barwell, Louise, et al.2015
Out of Africa: evidence of the obligate mutualism between long corolla tubed plant and long-tongued fly in the Himalayas [期刊论文]Babu Ram Paudel; Mani Shrestha; Adrian G. Dyer; Xing-Fu Zhu; Aysajan Abdusalam, et al.2015
Correct calculation of CO2 efflux using a closed-chamber linked to a non-dispersive infrared gas analyzer [期刊论文]Dossa, Gbadamassi G. O.; Paudel, Ekananda; Wang, Hongyan; et al2015

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