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More sensitive response of crown conductance to VPD and larger water consumption in tropical evergreen than in deciduous broadleaf timber trees [期刊论文]Siddiq, Zafar; Chen, Ya-Jun; Zhang, Yong-Jiang; Zhang, Jiao-Lin; Cao, Kun-Fang2017
Effect of diurnal irradiance on night-chilling tolerance of six rubber cultivars [期刊论文]Tian, Y. -H.; Yuan, H. -F.; Xie, J.; Deng, J. -W.; DDao, X. -S., et al.2016
Evaluating the models of stomatal conductance response to humidity in a tropical rain forest of Xishuangbanna, southwest China [期刊论文]Li, ZH; Zhang, YP*; Wang, SS; Yuan, GF; Yang, Y, et al.2011
The effect of drought on photosynthesis in two epiphytic and two terrestrial tropical fern species [期刊论文]Zhang, Q; Chen, JW; Li, BG; Cao, KF*2009
Stem hydraulics mediates leaf water status, carbon gain, nutrient use efficiencies and plant growth rates across dipterocarp species [期刊论文]Jiao-Lin Zhang; Kun-Fang Cao*2009
Vegetative growth and photosynthesis in coffee plants under different watering and fertilization managements in Yunnan, SW China [期刊论文]Cai, CT; Cai, ZQ; Yao, TQ; Qi, X2007
Leaf development and photosynthetic properties of three tropical tree species with delayed greening [期刊论文]Cai, ZQ; Slot, M; Fan, ZX2005
Photosynthesis and photoinhibition after night chilling in seedlings of two tropical tree species grown under three irradiances [期刊论文]Feng, YL *; Cao, KF2005



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