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How well do growing season dynamics of photosynthetic capacity correlate with leaf biochemistry and climate fluctuations? [期刊论文]Way, Danielle A.; Stinziano, Joseph R.; Berghoff, Henry; Oren, Ram2017
Organic and inorganic nitrogen uptake by 21 dominant tree species in temperate and tropical forests [期刊论文]Liu, Min; Li, Changcheng; Xu, Xingliang; Wanek, Wolfgang; Jiang, Ning, et al.2017
Different hydraulic traits of woody plants from tropical forests with contrasting soil water availability [期刊论文]Zhu, Shi-Dan; Chen, Ya-Jun; Fu, Pei-Li; Cao, Kun-Fang2017
Time lags between crown and basal sap flows in tropical lianas and co-occurring trees [期刊论文]Chen, Ya-Jun; Bongers, Frans; Tomlinson, Kyle; Fan, Ze-Xin; Lin, Hua, et al.2016
Freezing resistance in Patagonian woody shrubs: the role of cell wall elasticity and stem vessel size [期刊论文]Zhang, Yong-Jiang; Bucci, Sandra J.; Arias, Nadia S.; Scholz, Fabian G.; Hao, Guang-You, et al.2016
Determinants of water circulation in a woody bamboo species: afternoon use and night-time recharge of culm water storage [期刊论文]Yang, Shi-Jian; Zhang, Yong-Jiang; Goldstein, Guillermo; Sun, Mei; Ma, Ren-Yi, et al.2015
Seasonal dynamics in photosynthesis of woody plants at the northern limit of Asian tropics: potential role of fog in maintaining tropical rainforests and agriculture in Southwest China [期刊论文]Zhang, YJ; Holbrook, NM; Cao, KF2014
Differences in the responses of photosystem I and photosystem II of three tree species Cleistanthus sumatranus, Celtis philippensis and Pistacia weinmannifolia exposed to a prolonged drought in a tropical limestone forest [期刊论文]Huang, W; Fu, PL; Jiang, YJ; Zhang, JL; Zhang, SB, et al.2013
Recovery of diurnal depression of leaf hydraulic conductance in a subtropical woody bamboo species: embolism refilling by nocturnal root pressure [期刊论文]Shi-Jian Yang; Yong-Jiang Zhang; Mei Sun; Guillermo Goldstein; Kun-Fang Cao*2012
Differentiation in light energy dissipation between hemiepiphytic and non-hemiepiphytic Ficus species with contrasting xylem hydraulic conductivity [期刊论文]Guang-You Hao; Ai-Ying Wang; Zhi-Hui Liu; Augusto C. Franco; Guillermo Goldstein, et al.2011

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